The Art of Love

by Ryan Morrison

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released May 27, 2011

Ryan Morrison: Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine (that’s right, it was me)
Pete Jeavons: Double Bass
Chris Tarr: Drums
Tal Cohen: Grand Piano
Jennifer Tingley: Cello
Craig Sinclair: Slide Guitar, Left-handed Banjo in F#
Lara Norman: Violin
Kate Rowe: Harmony, Whistle

The Beautiful Choir are: Brenda Foster, Genevieve Lacey, Monica Lacey, Clive Lacey, Jocelyn Milward, Christine Morrison, Lara Norman, Laura Rice, Kate Rowe

All choral arrangements by Ryan, except Holy Wine by Ryan, Monica, Clive, Christine and Kate

All songs written by Ryan Morrison

Recorded by Lee Buddle at Crank Studios, Perth, Australia
Assisted by Blair Simmons, Anthony Cormican and Troy Nababan
Craig, Lara and Laura recorded in Albany
Mixed and Mastered by Lee Buddle

Produced by Ryan Morrison

Cover photo by Tony Morrison
Artwork by Kate Gillett
Design by Ryan Morrison


all rights reserved



Ryan Morrison Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Art of Love
The first stroke in the art of love
Is find yourself a lover
And take the palette of the moment
And paint her with the colours

I want your soft breath
To weave in and out of mine
Dance upon this open page
Completely intertwined

The second lesson in this art of love
Is how to keep your lover
You take your palette and with each moment
Remind her there’s none other

Tell her: you are the highlights of my life
From the black you carve out the white
Splashing your vibrancy across my canvas
The incomplete masterpiece of life

Oh this art of love
Track Name: I Like Your Face
I’m telling you it really don’t matter
What kind of clothes you wear
To me, the item of beauty
Is nicely framed by your hair

Yeah hey! I like your face

Come to me in day time
Or come to me at night
Well come to me whenever baby
But don’t forget to turn on the light

Yeah hey! I like your face
Track Name: Stuff To Make You Go Mmm
I don’t know where to begin she’s got me torn
I try to keep my distance but it’s hard to say no
This may end in tears but I prefer to feel than not
Warm, soft and silky smooth on my ears
With stuff to make me go mmm

She is as soft as the ‘s’ in kiss
Like the addiction that everyone needs
This will end in tears but I’m not afraid anymore
Moments in time go awry
She whispers infatuations

She is the one you want to know
But when you do it just hurts
And I try to forget the things she does
But then you know it gets worse
Yeah she is the one you want to know
But when you do it just hurts
So bad she’s in my dreams

Soft as the ‘s’ in kiss
Whisper infatuations
With stuff to make me go mmm
Track Name: Don't Get Too Close
Don’t get too close or I’ll fall in love
The fragile moments between us
I saw the spark in your sweet eyes
And the inevitable end, disaster

But the bits in between would be sublime

Would you pass up pleasure to avoid regret?
You know snowflakes fall upon barren soil
Cos I felt something when our skin touched
But you smiled, turned your head and walked away

Mmm not today

How can we sit here and ignore
The fragile moments between us both?
Cos what we both need could make this work
Should we get closer and fall in love?

We can sleep on it if you don’t go home
We can sleep on it if you don’t go home
We’ll sleep on it if you don’t go home
Track Name: Devil Woman
Mate I’ll tell you from the start
The Devil Woman stained my heart
But you’ll be safe during the day
Cos after nightfall is when she plays
And oh how she plays
Don’t give it away
Don’t give it away to her

Like a moth to the flame
She will draw you in to her game
With a spark you’ll catch ablaze
When the Devil Woman wants to dance

Can you see her watch with glee?
Don’t be the fool she thinks you’ll be
Listen to me
Don’t give it away
Don’t give it away to her

Like a moth to the flame
She will draw you in to her game
With a spark you’ll catch ablaze
When the Devil Woman wants to dance

She’s gonna put you in a trance
Make you hop and skip and prance
And buy her a plane ticket to France
Oh when the Devil Woman wants to dance

And as you somehow lose your pants
You realise you had no chance
So under no no circumstance
Never ever watch the Devil Woman dance
Track Name: Holy Wine
Holy wine
Holy wine let us sing
Holy wine let us drink and sing
For what we believe in
The matters of our skin
The matters of our kin

Holy wine
Holy wine let us pray
Holy wine let us pray through the night
Pray for the ghosts
That haunt our coast
Release them back to the sea

Holy wine
Holy wine let us weep
Holy wine let us weep
I weep for the part of me
That once was lost
Upon your coast

Now I’m free

Holy wine
Holy wine let us in
Holy wine let us pray and sing
For what we believe in
The matters of our skin
And what we could have been
Track Name: Let Her Dream
Softly she whispers through the dark
Is she dreaming, or is this real?
She calls me to her side
Or so it seems

Through the underwater light of the street
Her figure lightly outlined by sheets
A whisper again draws me near
I feel the warmth of her on my ear

Her eyes are closed, breathing like the breeze
I’ll let her sleep and leave her to dream

Just let her dream
Track Name: You Are More Beautiful
You are the moon
You are the rose
You are the wine
In which I drown my sorrows

You are the sky
You are the bird
You are the silence
After every word

You are the ocean
You are the tear
You are more beautiful
than my wanting
to be close to you my dear

You are more beautiful
Track Name: A Little Bit of Blues
I woke up this morning
Feeling pretty good
I woke up this morning
Feeling much better than I thought I would
I woke up this morning, feeling alright
Cos I only got a little bit of blues, this time
Track Name: Caress Me
Brother come play with me
In the sands where time stands still
The water is our toy and the waves our joy
As we swim with the dolphins

Friends gather round come play with me
And build castles made of sand
Our treasures are all rocks
And the shells our crowns
As we play like kings

Caress me
Protect me
Save me from this world
Track Name: Simple Melody
Hold my heart while I jump into the sea
To cleanse my soul and regain purity
Look after my heart just don’t fix it for me
Cos I need my woes for this simple melody

Lord I’ve prayed to the gods of the seas
And I’ve asked the wood nymphs and the trees
They seem to care and listen to my pleas
And quietly whisper simple melodies

If I walk your path and let you choose my destiny
If I take those vows and sign the holy treaty
If I lay down my arms and bend down to my knees
Would you bless me with your simple melody?

And as the rain wept down I still waited by the sea
For a sign or the words to come to me
The sun it went home and all the birds went to sleep
And what remained was this simple melody

Well you can take my clothes and hang them at my feet
And cut my skin cos I know I don’t bleed easily
But open your eyes and you’ll see that I’m still free
Yeah I’m free to search for this simple melody

I’ve been in the line for misery
Removed my armour and copped a few hits and debris
So take my hands and hold them delicately
And mend my wounds with your simple melody

There’s this girl with eyes you wouldn’t believe
She’s a soul that I’d truly like to meet
I’d give her it all if she’d only speak to me
With a broken heart and a simple melody

I know you don’t know me intimately
Cos I’m not one who gives my heart out freely
But I’ll lay you down on my clean white linen sheets
And I’ll kiss your lips with my simple melody

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